"I am Natalie Lillian, growing up, I witnessed first hand, my Grandmother's love and admiration for sowing. Never really thought I'd sow but over the years, I designed and purchased many custom-made outfits, never realizing that my eye for designing would lead me into destiny! I have found my niche!

and I along with a few consignors for the love of all things treasure-able, make up this magical team at your service!  We love uniquely, exquisite things that make people ask "Where d'you get that?"  We want to share that experience with you! "



 Why we love what we do?

Ever just love shopping but you don't always have the time, the know how or sometimes the resources?  Do you also wish you could  have to be eye-catching as if it was custom-made and tailored for you? Well, we concur!  ​Dazies Treasures is the home of the Custom-made Batwing Dress, and Nnaji Skirt - where one size fits most!  Turn it into your very own "wear it your way" outfit and you will be sure to be an eye-catcher and show-stopper!


Please contact us for more information regarding custom orders.  Please be advised that due to COVID, some items may not be available.  We apologize for any inconvenience.

Phone: +1 470-647-9280

Email: daziestreasures@gmail.com

Address: 5637 Ardmore Court, 30518 Sugar Hill, Georgia